About Cursillo

What is Cursillo?

In short, Cursillo is a three-day weekend in which you are invited to separate yourself from all those daily things that occupy your attention in order to focus on things related to your spiritual life. In other words, to re-focus your attention on God and on His call to you to be His disciple. During the Cursillo weekend you will hear talks and testimonies given by both lay people such as yourself and by some of our clergy. You will experience times of great fellowship with other believers and times to enter into worship of our Triune God, and you will be very well fed by a fantastic team of cooks.

 The word Cursillo comes from Spanish, and it means a “short course or study.” In the three-day weekend you will be reminded, taught, encourage in all aspects of the Christian life. Cursillo started in Spain in the 1940’s as a program for spiritual renewal in the Roman Catholic Church. Today, this international movement crosses many denominational lines, and it even goes into prisons.

Who is Cursillo for?

Cursillo is available to all believers who desire a greater walk with God and to be further equipped for ministry within their congregations, the Diocese, and throughout the world around us. One of the most important parts of Cursillo is the equipping of the saints for ministry; the weekend itself is only three days, but the "Fourth Day" is how you live as a disciple of Jesus Christ for the rest of your life. This is the primary purpose of the three-day weekend—the equipping of Jesus' disciples to represent Him as His ambassadors in the world.

 With the permission of our Bishop, we are now open to invite non-Anglicans to attend a Cursillo Weekend with us, as long as they understand that they will be attending an Anglican weekend with daily Communion and with our own particular theological views and practices. Non-Anglicans who wish to attend Cursillo with us should be actively involved in their own churches and should attend with the permission of their pastor. 

Why do men and women attend separately?

Most of the time we hold two Cursillo Weekends a year, one for men (always first) and one for women. The reason for separating men and women into two different weekends is to give both of them an open opportunity to experience the Lord and share their lives and testimonies with others without the concerns that might otherwise hinder this openness, especially if spouses were to be present.

 On occasion we hold co-ed weekends. This allows us to keep costs down, the benefits of which are then passed on to those participating in a Cursillo weekend, whether as attendees or as team members. But even when a co-ed weekend is planned, the men and the women experience separate talks, separate meals, and as much privacy as possible. We would still have separate women's and men's teams serving each separate group. For any questions, please contact us.

Will I need to bring any money on the weekend?

No, you will not need to bring any money to the Cursillo Weekend. All your needs will be provided for. The cost of the weekend has been paid for you already by those who have attended previous Cursillo weekends and by the Cursillo community. If you feel more comfortable bringing some money, you may do so, but please don't bring too much.

How do I dress and what about other needs?

There is no need to dress up, so plan to wear casual and comfortable clothing and shoes. Bring warm layers for walking between buildings and sitting in air-conditioned rooms. There are no planned sporting activities. 

 You will also be asked to either leave watches at home or keep them in your bag. We will all be on God's time, and part of the team's responsibility is to awaken you each morning, guide you to meals, remind you of when to gather together, etc.

 You will not need your cell phones at all, so please leave them at home. No pictures or private phone calls are allowed during the weekend. A team member will be designated to be in touch with your sponsor in case of any emergencies. We want you to be completely free to meet the Lord and experience hearing His voice alone.

 Bring any medications you need to take with you. We will have a team member that will serve as the nurse for the weekend. He/she will bring you your medication or remind you to take it as scheduled. 


Cursillo is . . .

  • a movement of the church
  • a movement to help those in the church understand their individual callings to be christian leaders
  • an experience in Christian community
  • an instrument of renewal for individuals, families, parishes, dioceses, and the world
  • a launching pad for Christian action in our world
  • a support system for Christians
  • Gospel centered